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“Pillars Recovery is a high-quality residential treatment  and detox facility that provides a multitude of services for those suffering from substance use. Our treatment options are among the most successful and innovative on the market today and include intensive outpatient programming, gender-specific care, heroin detox, opiate detox, and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), also known as Suboxone Maintenance and/or Harm Reduction.

Our program is designed for those who need an outpatient program that takes care of their addiction on a therapeutic level. That’s where Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) comes into play. MAT provides a specialized medical treatment that decreases cravings, manages withdrawal symptoms, and makes a total recovery from a substance use disorder easier to handle.

This type of intensive outpatient program manages your addiction at a physical level and helps increase the efficiency of heroin detox and opiate detox. Just as importantly, our program addresses any health problems that may have been triggered by a substance use disorder, such as nutritional deficiencies or other health issues that may be of concern to our clients.

As each of our facilities are in California, clients can experience a sunny, warm, and comfortable place to experience detox in an inpatient program. Just as importantly, our gender-specific residential detox provides you with the care that you need to recover. After all, male and female bodies react to substances in different ways and need specialized medications to stay clean.

Beyond our physical care treatment methods lies our trademarked Triple Diagnosis program. Triple Diagnosis is an intensive residential program that we designed to help people suffering from dependency on  prescription medications. We are taking a frontline position in the battle against prescription opioid addiction and have set a gold standard for recovery effectiveness.

These treatment options are just a sampling of what we at Pillars Recovery have to offer those who are suffering from addiction and substance use disorders. Recovery from substance abuse requires a total honesty about the problem and the willingness to get help. With our treatment options, you can regain the healthy and clean life you had before addiction took over.”

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