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Miracles happen with just the smallest shift in perception.

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As a recovered addict myself working in the industry for over ten years I have the empathy and compassion that can only come from first-hand experience with addiction.  One of my specialties is helping trauma victims to stop living in the past and move forward with their lives with a simple set of exercises one can do anywhere.  Quantum Care Recovery also offers all of the traditional recovery coaching methods such as mentoring, harm reduction, goal setting, coping skills and more, however, we take it much further than that.  Quantum Care Recovery is about harnessing the power of the mind to manifest not only life-long sobriety but also the life of your dreams…health, wealth and prosperity!

Quantum physicists are now proving that everything is connected on a quantum or the smallest of the small level and that our consciousness directly effects this field that connects everything and makes up all matter.  Basically, our consciousness creates matter.  We create our own reality and if you know how to re-program the subconscious mind and how to rid yourself of limiting beliefs that are holding you back from manifesting what you truly desire, there’s no limit to what you can have or accomplish.  You can create the life of your dreams.  Miracles will start to happen with just the smallest shift towards positive thinking.  So, if you want to stop being a victim of circumstance and start being cause over your life and you want to learn these simple techniques, Quantum Care Recovery is the place for you.  It will take some work and commitment but there is nothing hard about it.  The life of your dreams awaits!

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  • Person Heather Miller
  • Address 300 Seven Springs Way, 229
    Brentwood TN 37027
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