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As your life recovery coach I will ask a series of questions and offer helpful suggestions, set goals, safety planning and strategies to aid the person in recovery. The coach will honor the person’s values and needs, creating a stable plan of action by focusing on a person’s current strengths, and those in development, as a means to obtain positive future goals. Keeping the individual and families on track, I will help bring accountability, support, and encouragement, the entire way. Together, we will look for helpful systems that will bring about the best recovery possible.

The following are examples of the numerous ways a life coach can assist you or a family member during recovery. They:

  • Assist you in developing and initiating a recovery plan of action.

  • Aid in creating stability for an individual and their family in recovery from substance use or addiction.

  • Encourage success by alleviating obstacles to gain treatment and recovery.

  • Offer guidance and structure for people seeking, or already involved in a recovery program.

  • Help a client find materials for harm reduction, detox, treatment, family support and education, and local or online support groups.

  • Exist as a role model for tangible and obtainable recovery behaviors.

  • Motivate through hope and vision, while also offering praise for positive behaviors.

  • Function as a champion for the person who is in recovery, both within and outside of the program.

  • Give advice and support on how to better accomplish day-to-day tasks.

  • Assist a person towards finding basic necessities and necessary resources.

  • Help the person seek out professional services from lawyers, doctors, psychologists, financial advisers and other local resources.
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What can I expect from a recovery coach?
A crisis requiring immediate intervention or a phone call for reassurance doesn’t adhere to a time-clock. Often, when the uncontrollable urge to drink or do drugs hits it is nighttime, on the weekend, during a holiday, in the middle of the workday or some other inconvenient and inopportune moment. You want to know that your recovery coach is available to take your call or text and will help you weather this crisis is immediate or stay on track with your recovery.
Will I be accountable for my own recovery?
Your recovery coach will hold you accountable. You may be able to hide things from friends, co-workers, loved ones and family members. In fact, because of your addiction, you’ve likely gotten adept at doing so. An effective recovery coach, on the other hand, is well-skilled at detecting subterfuge and lies and knows instinctively when you’re avoiding the truth or making excuses for your actions. It wouldn’t be in your best interest for the recovery coach to allow you to get by – just this time. That’s why he or she holds you accountable for your actions and reminds you why you said you want to be clean and sober. Sometimes, it’s this accountability partner that serves as a catalyst to make difficult lifestyle changes that enhance and further your recovery.
What happens when I get home from inpatient treatment?
Your life recovery coach will help you identify and locate resources. Once you’ve gone through treatment and are making strides achieving initial goals in recovery, you’re likely going to make some substantial changes in your life. This may include getting back on your feet financially, learning new communication and job skills, searching for and obtaining meaningful employment, going back to school, coordinating requests for assistance and other necessary resources. The recovery coach can serve as the first point of contact to help you identify and locate the resources you need as you enter various stages of recovery.
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