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Chris spent the majority of his teenage and adult life in the throes of alcoholism.  He had given up and felt like there was no hope, that changed when he admitted that he had a problem and needed help.  Not having anyone to turn to, he began seeking treatment options on his own.  After securing a place in treatment, on July 9, 2013 his journey of sobriety began.  During his stay in treatment he vowed that if he did nothing else in my life, he would make sure nobody had to go through this process alone.  He has committed his life to working with those in need find and stay on their path of recovery.  With a BS in Behavioral Health and certifications including Interventionist, Recovery Coach, Family Recovery Coach, Life Coach along with providing resources for treatment centers.  Chris also promotes a life of health and wellness in recovery, with certifications is Fitness and Food Addiction/Nutrition in Recovery.  You can hear more of his story at and look for more information coming soon.

  • Person Chris Drapala
  • Address 2745 Westpointe Drive
    New Braunfels, TX
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